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Computer Science Packages

Your Special Package Price Only US$5 + Shipping

You get 5 bootable KNOPPIX CDs.


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Snail Mail Instructions

Please print this page and send with your payment to

A. Jorge Garcia/CALCPAGE

P.O.  Box 263

Coram, NY 11727 – 0263



Paypal Instructions

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and specify

CS Package.


The purpose of this package is for you to get your very own copy of a KNOPPIX CD!


KNOPPIX is a portable Linux solution.  This version of Linux is installed completely on one bootable CD!!


All you do is pop it into your CD-ROM drive and reboot your PC!!!


If your PC’s CD-ROM drive does not boot, there are instructions on the CD to fix it.  Also, if you have a CD burner, all you need is one of my CDs and you can make as many copies as you need.  Everything on the KNOPPIX CD is GPL Open Source software which means it is free and you can make copies of it legally.


I’m selling V3.1 cheap because I have these already burned and I have used these CDs in my C++ and Java classes.  However, they’ve been thoroughly tested and they work very well!


I’m also selling the latest version of KNOPPIX, V3.2, which includes the newest version of GCC (!  This means that now you can use javac and java just like J2SE 1.2.1 ( to tranlate and interpret ByteCode!  All the libraries you need for the new APCS course (java.lang, java.util, etc.) are fully implemented.  Also, java.awt.* and java.applet.* now work!  You can download swing.jar from to get the swing libraries too!  I’ve used this CD to teach java already, its great! 


Appletviewer is not included, but all you need to do is write an *.html file and use one of the included browsers. 


KNOPPIX is great for teaching CS as all you need is right on the CD.  I use these CDs with my students everyday and they love to learn about Linux as an added benefit.  I find it very convenient to use KNOPPIX as my school doesn’t have the hardware capable of running a LINUX partition and my M$ Windoze PCs are always crashing.  So I take these CDs from class to class and everything works great!  The students are more productive, I have less headaches and we all learn a lot!


So, if your internet connection speed is such that you cannot download a 700MB *.ISO file from or if you cannot burn your own CD-Rs then this is the package for you.  Also, if you need support, has lots of information online to help you as well as a lot of members on a forum who love to help people new to KNOPPIX in particular and Linux in general.



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