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The Calculus & CompSci Project!



Editions I & III


A. Jorge García

Applied Math & CS

Baldwin SHS & Nassau CC

The Calculus & CompSci Project!

The CALCPAGE Web-Site has much to offer the teacher of Calculus and Computer Science. We have WorkBooks, ReviewBooks and TechBooks for you and your students to use.

Phase I – WorkBooks – Completed 1990 (updated thru 2000)

WorkBooks are based on AB & BC free response-questions from 1957–2000. Each WorkBook covers one AP Calculus exam. Each page of a WorkBook contains one question and plenty of white space for students to try their own solutions. WorkBooks are FREE!

Phase II – ReviewBooks – Completed 2000

ReviewBooks consist of Traditional Calculus Solutions. AB & BC ReviewBooks are now available for 1980-2001. ReviewBooks are bundled with the corresponding WorkBooks.

Phase III – TechBooks – Started 2004

CALCPAGE now offers several TechBooks for teachers who use technology in the classroom! These TechBooks include the QBASIC & yaBASIC LabBook for use in a computer lab as an introductory course in problem solving and algorithms using IBM BASICA or MS QBASIC for DOS, or yaBASIC for Linux. We also offer TechBooks with new technology-intensive free-response questions for use in the math classroom. These questions are exploratory in nature and require the use of a graphing calculator as well as some programming. TechBooks with sample programs for the TI-83 and TI-89 are also available! Each TechBook will be divided into three parts: Exploratory Questions (Edition I), Reformed Solutions (Edition II) and Sample Lessons (Edition III). All math TechBooks will emphasize the rule of four: GNAW. In other words, any given problem could be attacked Graphically, Numerically, Analytically or Wordily (Verbally). So, lets start teaching our students how to GNAW at their problems right away! We have TechBooks for High School Math (PreCalculus, Calculus AB&BC) and College Math (Algebra & Trig, Harvard PreCalculus, Harvard Calculus I, Harvard Calculus II)!

HowTo Use This LabBook

I have used this LabBook for nearly 20 years in a variety of settings. This LabBook has worked well for as an introduction to programming, problem solving and algorithms. I use this LabBook for Junior and Senior NYS Regents Math students in a Semester Course. I’ve also had success using this LabBook with Sophomore and Junior NYS Honors Math students in a Quarter Course.

This LabBook is organized into several units. Each unit starts with several samples of new code to be learned by the students. I usually take a day or two presenting this material via PC projector so the students can see me coding too. Then my Regents students complete one project per day over the course of 2 days (quarter course) or 4 days (semester course) of the programming assignments included at the end of each unit. My Honors students will complete 2 programs per day over the course of 2 days. This leaves a nice chunk of time at the end of the course for the final projects (also included).

Suggested Course of Study

This LabBook constitutes only a small fraction of the Computer Science curriculum that I teach my students. Please enjoy these suggestions!


Computer Math QBASIC for DOS or yaBASIC for Linux

Introduction to Programming, Problem Solving and Algorithms


Computer Math VBASIC for WIMxP or Phoenix for Linux

Introduction to Programming, Problem Solving and Algorithms


Advanced Computer Math C++ or Java

Introduction to AP Computer Science A (karel the robot)



Advanced Computer Math C++ or Java

Introduction to AP Computer Science A (start tapestry or ccj)



AP Computer Science Java

AP Computer Science A (finish ccj)



AP Computer Science Java

AP Computer Science AB (jm)


AP Computer Science Java

AP Computer Science JMBS and Review,3046,151-165-0-17410,00.html


AP Computer Science Java

Final Project – Beyond the AP!