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CATALOGUE: Recommended Packages and Curriculae

College Mathematics

High School Mathematics

High School Computer Science

What are these different TechBook Editions all about?

Edition 1.0:

First Edition TechBooks are written in a workbook style for students' ease of use.  These TechBooks include questions only.  The questions are word problems that are exploratory in nature and often require the use of technology - hence the name "TechBook." 

The High School PreCalculus TechBook includes many Assignment Sheets to help you pace your class as well as many Quizzes, PreTests and Tests.  The High School Calculus TechBooks include Assignment Sheets, PreTests and Tests.  The assignment sheets include Daily Topics and HomeWork for 2-4 weeks of material for a suggested textbook.  If you use a different textbook, you can still use my assignment sheets as a guide. 

The High School editions also have a challenging TakeHome exam given at the end of each Quarter.  These are meant as extensions to traditional classwork and are to be completed in groups.  I usually give these exams one week before a "big" vacation and collect them a week after that.  "Big" vacations include Holloween, XMas Break, Winter  Break and Easter Break.

The College TechBooks include one Syllabus and five Unit Tests each. 

The BASIC TechBook includes Daily Programming WorkSheets. 

Edition 2.0:

No Second Edition TechBooks are available as yet.  These will include Solutions to all the questions in the First Editions.  For Mathematics, these Solutions will emphasize the Rule of Four where we GNAW at each problem (Graphical, Numerical, Analytical and Wordy or Verbal).

Edition 3.0:

Only the BASIC Third Edition TechBooks is available as yet.  The BASIC TechBook includes a Weekly Lesson along with the Daily Programming WorkSheets.  However, most Third Edition TechBooks will include Daily Lesson Plans following the Assignment Sheets in the First Editions.

Background Information:

These materials have been developed for instructional purposes only.

The Calculus WorkBooks and ReviewBooks are no longer available as the College Board website now provide similar publications.

I refer to each of the Semester or Quarter books above as a TechBook.  A TechBook is a set of instructional materials on a given topic that will enphasize not only mathematics or computer science, but the use of technology as well.  Each TechBook uses 12pt font for easy reading and leaves plenty of room for students to show work.  Your order will be sent to you Xeroxed, double-sided and stapled on three-holed paper for you to store in a 3-ring binder upon receipt.  These New TechBooks were written over a period of several years for use with my students. I have found them of benefit to my students and have had many requests from teachers for these materials at conferences I have attended and workshops I have presented, hence this website.

CALCPAGE, therefore, is meant as a service to help the global community of the Teachers and Professors of Mathematics and Computer Science.  This includes current teachers as well as prospective teachers new to the discipline. Also, if you find yourself isolated from the Math and CompSci community, or there are no workshops or conventions nearby, or your school is in a remote part of the world, then CALCPAGE is the web-site for you! 

I hope you can put my materials to good use. Good luck to you and your students!

A. Jorge Garcia
Applied Math & CS
Baldwin SHS & Nassau CC
POB 263; Coram, New York 11727-0263; USA


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